e – Florence B Jack – Atholl Crescent

e – Florence B Jack – Atholl Crescent

The Edinburgh College of Domestic Economy opened at Atholl Crescent in 1891, and Florence B Jack was perhaps its greatest teacher.

The college was prestigious and intended to teach middle-class students essential skills for running their own household. Florence was the teacher of cookery, laundry work, and housekeeping, and went on to be Principal of the Good Housekeeping Institute, publishing a wide range of cookery books.

In 1911 she published The Woman’s Book, including everything from cooking and household management, to nursing, travel and beekeeping.

A chapter is devoted to education and careers, listing all the universities that offered degrees for women and the leading suffragette organisations.

For Florence: “Women, like men, have a desire… to take part in the affairs of the world…and the restraint and force of mere tradition, prejudice, or caste, have become intolerable to them.