Edinburgh’s Cultural Campaign 2019 – #Edinburghwows

The BID invested as a partner in this Edinburgh-wide Campaign which launched on 12th March 2019. We have been proactive in promoting all things West End via Twitter (there is a live feed on the website) using the hashtag #edinburghwows so the profile of the West is high. The West End is profiled well within the overall Edinburgh offer which is extensive in itself

https://edinburghwows.com/ – there is a short video clip that is being used in the promo of this campaign. The video clip includes footage of William Street!

https://edinburghwows.com/love/ – the West End is included in here

https://edinburghwows.com/wonder-week-1/ – the West End Gin Festival was included in here

https://edinburghwows.com/wonder-walk-1/ – this provides a flavour of the West End