f - The Lough family - 15 William Street

f - The Lough family - 15 William Street

The Lough family’s chimney sweeping business was a presence at 15 William Street for almost 100 years.

The 1841 census shows John Lough, his wife and two young sons William and Thomas, living at 15 William Street along with two employees. Their front room acted as a shop, and an elder son also called John lived just next door. Chimney sweeping was often a family business, but the Lough’s were to suffer a crisis only a few years later.

In 1844 William and Thomas were found guilty of stealing a round of Edam cheese, and although only 15 years old William was sentenced to be transported to Australia.

Their elder brother John carried on the family business in William Street until the 1890s, eventually passing on the tricks of the trade to his son.