Frontiers Man

For Edinburgh’s sartorially savvy shoppers, Frontiers has long been associated with women’s fashion of the highest quality and style, having been founded some 20 years ago by knitwear designer Jane Forbes.

Frontiers Man

Last year, a new chapter opened for this iconic Edinburgh West End business, when Jane’s partner Nigel Pashley decided to leave his career as a successful commercial property surveyor and join the family business. The result is Frontiers Man, an entirely new shop located on William Street, which brings the Frontiers ethos into menswear, with a carefully selected range of labels, including many that are otherwise tricky to find in Scotland.


“We looked around and saw there really weren’t many independent menswear shops in Edinburgh selling the brands we were interested in– certainly very few that were similar to what we had planned,” says Nigel.

“We take great care in sourcing the labels and designers we want to work with, and I’d definitely say there are certain things that we look for. We avoid anything too over-designed, or which pushes the brand, working on the principle that understated style is much more powerful. We are stocking popular independent brands like Norse Projects from Copenhagen, Folk, Oliver Spencer, and Universal Works from the UK, Lee 101s which is the premium level denim and only available in about 10 stores throughout the UK. In addition, we have a few great brands from New York City which are unique and of superb quality, like Corridor NYC, Gitman Vintage and Alex Mill. We are supplementing these with more brands for the Autumn / Winter season, together with some great accessories like shoes, scarves and hats, belts, gloves, watches, and designer umbrellas, not forgetting a range of great sunglasses!”

“Particularly when you’re talking about designer fashion, there’s a perception that there are styles for the young and styles for the old. One of the things that’s made Frontiers so successful is that it caters for a very wide age range, offering clothes that cross the generations. We’re definitely bringing that same ethos into Frontiers Man – great style is timeless, ageless and should be for everyone.”

“It is also great to be part of the resurgence of Edinburgh’s West End – particularly after it was hit so bad by the Trams debacle; virtually all the units are now occupied and a number of vibrant new businesses have opened up bringing in new people to the area. Having previously worked here for many years and now living in the area there is a fantastic range of shops, bars, cafes, and restaurants to enjoy. There is a great community spirit and desire for all to do well.”

Frontiers Man is at 4 William Street, Edinburgh, and Frontiers Woman is just around the corner, at 16 Stafford St.



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