g - Janet Story - 37 Melville Street

g - Janet Story - 37 Melville Street

The childhood memoirs of Janet Story give a glimpse into West End high-society in the 1830s, when Melville Street was new.

She describes in detail a lavish dinner party held at her family home of 37 Melville Street. Dinners usually started with two soup and sh dishes, followed by four starters often including a curry, a favourite of her father who had served in India.

There would be two joints of meat, with extra dishes of ducks, a ham or beefsteak pie. A typical dessert was a spun sugar and pastry case lled with fruit, along with a pudding, a vanilla and raspberry cream and a pale wine jelly.

Such a dinner would have been the top of the scale, but shows how grand life could be for some West Enders.