j – Samuel J Peploe – 39 Manor Place

j – Samuel J Peploe – 39 Manor Place

The artist Samuel J Peploe was born at 39 Manor Place in 1871, and Edinburgh’s West End was always a central part in his ourishing career.

Peploe became famous for his still life paintings, a leading light in the group known as the Scottish Colourists inspired by the new post-impressionism style of Matisse and Van Gogh.

Peploe studied art in Edinburgh and Paris, returning to his native city around 1897. He set up a studio in the Albert Institute in Shandwick Place, where a nearby ower seller called Jeanie Blyth became one of his rst models.

In 1912 Peploe returned from Paris with new work, which proved to be unpopular with his old art dealer. Not to be put off, he organised his own exhibition at the New Gallery in Shandwick Place.

Today his work is highly respected and valued, and Peploe is regarded as one of the most important Scottish painters.