Our West End BID is an opportunity for all of us in our business community to work together, seize the initiative, and shape our future in the West End.

BID - Vision & Objectives

Edinburgh’s West End BID aims to deliver projects and services around 3 key themes:


The BID will ATTRACT more visitors and investors to the West End by:

  • Establishing a distinctive brand for the West End
• Promoting our West End as a distinctive destination for shopping and socialising
• Communicating what makes our West End special • Increasing social media and PR activity for our West End


The BID will RETAIN visitors for longer and encourage them to spend more by:

  • Hosting regular and seasonal events throughout the year
• Developing cultural and heritage activity
• Increasing music and literary provision
  • Holding regular food and drink festivals, markets and fairs


The BID will DEVELOP a better visitor experience by:

  • Creating a cleaner environment by making our West End look attractive at all times
• Enhancing our green spaces and increasing hanging basket and planter provision
  • Providing better security lighting and CCTV coverage
• Improving signage and provision of interpretation boards at strategic locations
• Improving our shop fronts


Objectives of Edinburgh’s West End BID

The objectives of Edinburgh’s West End BID are:
• To increase footfall
• To make the West End more vibrant, friendly and welcoming
• To improve the look and feel of the West End
• To promote the West End as a go-to destination
• To diversify and expand leisure opportunities in the West End


Vision of Edinburgh’s West End BID

By 2020, the West End will have a powerful, distinctive and unifying brand representing its retail and hospitality businesses. It will be a thriving, vibrant destination to do business, visit, work and live. Its streets will be clean and well maintained.
It will host distinctive events that will differentiate
it from the rest of the City and it will be a hub for cultural and heritage activity.

Please download our Business Plan here.



Throughout the lifetime of the BID, all work on the BID projects will be monitored to ensure the projects proposed in the BID Business Plan achieve a high level of impact, and are progressing to the satisfaction of the businesses that voted for the BID.

The BID Board of Directors will monitor and oversee the efficient delivery of the BID projects.

The BID will undergo an independent evaluation of its activities at the half way point and towards the end of the second term to ensure it is delivering all the projects and services as detailed in the business plan.